Life in the slow lane

Ahhh... yes... thinking back to the good old days when I first learned how to drive a car. It was a different world back then, in the 90's... no distractions from cell phones or trying to change gears and hit 'shuffle' on the latest smart... or not-so smart phone.

Well anyhow, hope that you all are driving safe out there (rain or shine).

Yes I was just checking out the site and that's when I took a trip down memory lane of the good old days of my driving school youth.

Cheers, and keep on buckling up

New Animated Cartoon Video

New Cartoon Series

I'm pleased to announce that I now offer cartoon animations, and I must say that they are a lot of fun to work on! So feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy the popcorn.

In this video we follow Sir Linksworthy at the beginning of his Quest to find above board backlinks for the citizens of Linkton.

Large Oak Tree

    Colourful Cartoon Tree 

Large colourful cartoon oak tree

If this was a real tree I think it would be the perfect place for a picnic, that is if you can manage to find a warm and rain free day in October :)

Look out for those Dodgy Digital Marketing Assistants

A few blokes that you might want to steer clear of!

They might look relatively harmless, but looks can be deceiving. Put one or two of these guys on the job and you might find your website rankings taking a cool trip south.

Hope that your enjoyed the latest infographic, and don't forget to keep an eye out for those dodgy digital marketing assistants near you!

Mr. P. Pelican Character Cartoon

Pelican Cartoon

ocean pelican cartoon with glasses

I'm sure lots of people have been seeing this guy around as they are no doubt trying to cool down on the beach in this very hot weather.

The client who commissioned this picture, wanted the pelican to look a little more intelligent, so I thought keen eyes and a pair of glasses would be right up his alley, (you can't see his briefcase).

Good day to you Mr. P, hope that your able to catch some nice fish in the water this week.

Colourful Houses on Cobblestone Street

It's a sunny day down Cosy House Lane

Why I think I can hear the kettle boiling now... down Cosy House Lane. Birds chirping in the back gardens, friendly neighbors whistling while walking down to the shop for undoubtedly a scrumptious tin or two of chocolate biscuits. 

Yes had a very nice time working on this picture which was turned into a greeting card. Would have been nice to put a kettle sound effect in it to greet the reader, that would have been very cosy indeed.

One lump or two?

Every Link Builder Needs a Sidekick

4 Link Building Sidekicks One Should Avoid at all Costs

Sidekick Heros With Spandex Uniforms and Capes
I know just about everyone must love a good and trust worthy Sidekick, however choosing the wrong one could cause you more harm than good.

Although these friendly fellows seem to mean well and they have great spandex costumes, they still find it hard to help and make a job easier for our Link Building Heroes.

So unless you want to hire one of these blundering Inspector Clouseau's I would suggest taking your time to really find a suitable and helpful assistant that will help put your mind rest at ease.

The great thing is that this will help you not just in the short run but more importantly the in the long run as well.

This was one of the most enjoyable Infographics I have worked on recently. I brainstormed with one of my regular clients Tom. The accompanying video really made my colleagues chuckle here at the office.

 Click here for the infographic video. Whole grain Spamwiches anyone?

Journey to the Tower of Inbound Strategies

An Infographic About Inbound Strategies

Here is a sample of my latest Infographic, for the site

I had a very enjoyable time working on this and very excited that it is Part One in a series.

Hopefully, I'll be working on chapters 2 and 3 in the coming months.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of brave Sir Linksworthy's adventures (and hopefully helping him along the way :)

You can read more about Sir Linksworthy's daring exploits at

Abe Lincoln Illustration With Top Hat

An Old Cartoon I Drew of Abraham Lincoln 

Abraham Lincoln

Four score and 7 cartoons ago... Thought I would dust off this cartoon since the new Lincoln movie came out, haven't had the time to see that film yet, been too busy sharpening my coloured pencils.

I love the clothing from the 1800's, (and especially the pocket watches), so I thoroughly enjoyed looking through old photos of Mr. Lincoln, ah... what a lovely period, if only we could go back to the days when we wore hats, (and now of course Beanies would have to be included).

Heres two of my favorite quotes from A.L...

"I don't like that man. I must get to know him better." 

"The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend."

Hats off to you Mr. Lincoln.